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Lisa Olivier

A little insight into my history as a photographer and what inspires me on my daily interactions with my clients.

I am a Cape Town photographer. My first camera was given to me at the age of 14 by my father. It was a little Kodak instamatic film camera. I loved this camera and took over the role of the family “Cape Town photographer”, shooting at every opportunity, often to family member’s irritation as I would always have the camera in their faces. I used to buy photography magazines with my pocket money and study them. I dreamed of one day owning a SLR camera where I could change lenses and choose my own shutter speed and aperture, where I could change the depth of field, thereby creating artistic photographs. These were things I only read about and saw in the magazines (these were the days before internet).
Over the years, I acquired different cameras, but still not the SLR I dreamed of. I was however, asked to shoot some friends weddings and take photos of families with these cameras, which I enjoyed but knew I just didn’t have the professional equipment despite my love of taking photos.

My dream was eventually realized when the digital era was ushered in. My first “real” SLR camera was a Canon 350D. I was overjoyed with it. Finally my childhood dream of owning a camera where I could manually change the settings and lenses was reached. I started doing various photography courses. I started doing wedding photography, family photography, corporate photography, etc. Then I was approached by schools to do photos as well as concerts, which lead me into videography.
It was almost a natural progression that my hobby would eventually be transformed into a business, which was around 2005. This led to me constantly feeling I needed to upgrade my equipment, which I did progressively over the years. It has been a joy to work with my Canon 5D MKll and MKlll, as well as Canon 7D and my video camera Canon XF100. I also take great delight working in my Cape Town photography studio, which has been an expensive exercise kitting it all out, but I have found it all worth while.

I particularly enjoy working with women. I love to make a woman look and feel beautiful, no matter her size, age or nationality. I really enjoy doing pregnancy photography shoots as well as this is a very special and wonderful time in a woman’s life and they are often glowing with joy. Children are also an inspiration to me with their wide-eyed innocence so I enjoy family photography. One of my favourites is also photographing pets. Photography is so diverse and to me, it is an art. It’s what I see through the lens and then in post production, where the creativity really starts. I always find it so elating watching a person’s facial expressions when they see their photos for the first time. It really brings happiness to my heart. It’s a passion that I have always enjoyed and I love sharing it with others.

What do I do when I am not behind the lens? My partner Kevin and myself love to explore and often, together with Gandolf our little dog, we pack the 4 x 4 and go exploring. Gandolf and I go running along Blouberg beachfront a few times a week. We also have three beautiful cats. I love my beautiful friends and family with whom we enjoy many happy times together. I love to travel not only other countries, but also South Africa. Cape Town is very versatile and so many things to love including our many wine farms with fine wines. In wintertime, we make log fires, in summertime we have camping along with the water and beach life. I love to cook and enjoy creating healthy meals and Thai food. I also enjoy health, fitness and nutrition, reading, pole fitness, writing, painting, sewing. Life is wonderful and I love capturing all these awesome moments through the lens.

Because every picture tells a story.