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Corporate Photography

Overview of a corporate photography shoot:

Corporate portrait photography is fundamental to your company profile and marketing. Websites, social media, business cards, etc require good quality business portraits about your company and its members. Every company is unique in what they require for either their business portraits or corporate video’s. We do still photography, being business profile or portraits, individual as well as groups. In todays’s era of social media, short videos have become very popular. We do social media ready formats with distributable end user format.

We specialise in company portraits, including estate agents portraits, recruitment agencies portraits, company events and parties, conferences, architecture photography as well as product photography.  We are able to take your business portraits at your offices, on location or in our studio in West Beach. We are also able to take our equipment, including lights and backdrops to the companies location if required.  Having a business profile with professional corporate photos or videos is the one of the most crucial aspects of introducing your company then to market it.
Prices & Packages, Commercial Rates

Prices below are only estimates. The prices are for during office hours and area dependent. It also depends on the brief and work required. Each job would need to be quoted for.

Corporate shoot in our Cape Town photo studio:

  • Each company is different as well as their requirements. We strive to achieve excellence and exceed their expectations
  • Advice on posing during the shoot
  • Includes editing and re-touching where necessary
  • You will be presented with your photos via either a CD/DVD or via Dropbox/Google Drive/ WeTransfer, etc, depending on clients requirements
First hour or part thereof: R1,450.00 Per hour or part thereof afterwards: R625.00

I have prepared a quick guide with tips on how to prepare for a Corporate shoot, click below to read the full article.



Clothing co-ordination – Each company has their own unique style. For formal portraits, it is recommended that men should wear a well-tailored suit or shirt. Women should wear a tailored suit or fitted blouse. Long sleeves are better than short sleeves in a professional photo-shoot. Avoid trendy clothes. Classic attire is best so that your photo does not look dated and wear things that are multi-seasonal. Solid mid-tones look good on most people. To minimize your body size chose dark colours. Keep patterns and textures to a minimum as they can become distracting. Your face should be the focus. No matter what you chose to wear, make sure that you are comfortable. Minimizing the jewellery is best unless you are going for an artsy look. For women who want to wear a necklace, a short necklace that mimics the neckline tends to look best.

In a group setting, what they wear should be co-ordinated. This can be by the colour scheme, for example, all wearing a white shirt/top & dark pants/skirt. Or all wearing various styles of one colour, eg: black or white, or corporate colours/uniforms. Or this could be everyone wearing pastels of the same hue, even though they are different colours. Basically, it can be any combination as long as everyone has the same colours or hues of each other.

Makeup and Hair – For makeup, apply it for a nice evening out so that it is a little darker than day wear, but not overly done. Please bring your makeup with you. Makeup in front of the camera is also different to every day makeup and might need to be re-applied, or extra added. 
If you are considering cutting your hair, try to do it about four days before your photo-shoot so that your hair has time to settle. Avoid drastic changes in style before your photo-shoot. A makeup artist can also be arranged. Props – Sometimes for fun photos, some might like the addition of props. This could be where everyone is dressed in the same colour with one added prop in another colour. For example, one person might wear an orange scarf, another carrying an orange flower, another with an orange tie, etc. These also come out well in black & white with a touch of colour. Different shoots / Change of outfits – During the photo-shoot, we can have change of outfits, so we could have, for example, a few shots of everyone in a white, the second shoot can be with theme co-ordination, etc. If there are any specific photos you would like, you are very welcome to either share these with me on the day of the shoot, or in a consultation prior to the shoot. That can also give me an idea of what type of photos you would like. I look forward to doing your corporate photo-shoot with you.