Couple photo shoot on Blouberg Beach in Cape Town

I did this photo shoot of this lovely couple who had just got engaged on Blouberg beach.  I loved the energy and love they emanated  towards each other.  As a Cape Town photographer, I was so happy with the results as it can be tricky shooting on the beach with the bright sun, as well as it reflecting off the water.  Bright sun can cause a person to squint and also cause bags under the eyes, so this shoot was a little challenging but by turning the couple away from the sun so that their faces were not in the direct sun, certainly assisted.

This is particularly challenging for a photographer on Blouberg beach as we always want to get Cape Town’s beautiful Table Mountain in as the backdrop.  At the time that this shoot was taken, the sun would be shining directly on their faces.  It was a lovely challenge for me as a Blouberg photographer to not get them squinting or with sun on their faces.  I also used fill in flash to even out any would be shadows.  I was very happy with the results of this loving couple.