Smash the Cake in our Cape Town Photo Studio

This can be a very messy process.  Babies are also very different when it comes to Smash the Cake shoots.  Some poke at the cake while others throw pieces of cake across the photo studio.  Smash the Cake photo shoots can also be emotional ones, with some enjoying the cake between their fingers and toes, while others burst out crying and not liking to touch the cake at all.

With this Smash the Cake photo shoot, this little girl loved every part of it.  She was such a delight.  She embraced the cake and revelled in the mess she made.  She giggled and laughed throughout the photo shoot.

With Smash the Cake photo shoots, I first put down a waterproof sheet of fabric as some cakes have bright colours which can stain the studio floor or backdrop.  This certainly helps, although it doesn’t really stop the little ones who throw pieces of cake around. This sometimes gets parents scampering around helping clean up.  But Smash the Cake photo shoots are great fun, especially with little girls so happy as this little one.